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Too often, sales reps fail because they can’t (or won’t) generate enough leads to build their pipeline.

Without an adequate pipeline, your team will never generate enough sales to meet or exceed their quota. Despite your best efforts, they will leave (or you will let them go) because they cannot make this simple equation work. Costs are high in turnover, missed objectives, and low morale.

In A Practical Guide to Getting Sales Teams to Prospect, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™, shows you how to jump-start your team’s prospecting and have them scheduling new business appointments right away.

Download your copy and learn how to:

  • Determine key metrics and best practices to maximize your team’s performance
  • Show your people how to un-qualify a prospect
  • Spot the 10 Forms of Twisted Thinking that can plague prospecting salespeople
  • Create a value proposition anyone can understand - including your sales team!
  • Slow attrition and maximize the success of your people
  • Focus your team meetings on key skills needed for successful prospecting

Download your copy of A Practical Guide to Getting Sales Teams to Prospect (a $35 value) free now and get your sales team successfully prospecting for new business right away!